Fire Prevention While Travelling

How to protect during hotel fire

Fire prevention in Hotels, Fire in Apartment Blocks in Ireland

Fire prevention in Hotels

Hotel Fire Prevention…

  • Make sure your hotel has smoke alarms and a fire sprinkler system (where possible).
  • Ask the front desk what the fire alarm sounds like.
  • Review the escape plan posted in your room after enter your room.
  • Seek out the exits and be aware of the number of doors between your room and the exit. Report locked exits doors to management immediately.
  • Keep your room key close secure and take it with you.
  • If the alarm sounds, leave, closing all doors behind you. Never use elevators during a fire.



If you can’t escape the hotel …

  • Shut off fans and air conditioners.
  • If smoke fills the room, get low and go under the smoke.
  • Stuff wet towels in the crack around the doors, blocking out harmful smoke.
  • Call the fire department and let them know your location.
  • Wait at the window and signal with a flashlight or other attention grabbing equipment.

Fire Safety in Cork

Irish Nationwide Fire Safety Consultants Cork

Fire-warden-training1John P Harrington and associates are experienced fire safety engineers in Cork. John has over 21 years ‘experience with Cork County Fire Service.
And a member of The Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE) and is also a member of Engineers Cork.

We are based in County Cork with quick access to Counties Kerry, Limerick, Clare, Waterford and Tipperary. We provide a nationwide service teaching the tools of fire prevention in Cork.

Nationwide Fire Safety services in Cork are providing…

  • Fire Safety Certification.
  • Fire Safety Consultancy.
  • Preparation of Fire Safety Certificate applications for compliance with building control regulations.
  • Preparation of Disability Access Certificates for compliance with building control regulations.
  • Fire Safety Training for compliance with your health and Safety requirements.
  • Pre-purchase inspection on domestic dwellings.
  • Fire safety Assessment surveys of existing buildings and specifications for fire safety upgrade work.
  • Preparation of fire protection drawings for use in conjunction with assessment reports.
  • During construction surveys and monitoring of fire safety construction works.

Some questions that you may ask yourself are:

  • Do you have Fire Safety concerns, regarding the property you own or the property you are responsible for?
  • Has there been a fire at your premises?
  • Have you been visited by an officer from building control?
  • Do you need to have Fire Safety construction work certified?


  • Do you just want to have your property checked to make sure that it is Fire Safety Compliant?