Fire Safety Certs Disability Access Certs

Gain Fire Safety Certificates and Disability Access Certificate in Ireland.


A Fire Safety Certificate are required to certify that the design of the building or works would be in compliance with the requirements of part B of the Building Regulations Act of 1997-2008.

A fire safety certificate is required for all new commercial buildings including apartments and flats. A certificate is required for any material changes of use and certain alterations and extensions to buildings.
A fire safety certificate for any design or change of use must be obtained before work starts.

Nationwide fire safety provide consultancy on fire safety certification and disability certification applications.
We will compile, produce and present all relevant documentation required to achieve the necessary Fire Safety Certificate in Ireland.

This will consist of full detailed drawing in compliance with Part B of the Building Regulations and a comprehensive report on the Fire Safety issues relating to your building.

If your building requires a Fire Safety Certificates and Disability Access Certificates , please Contact Us.

Fire Safety Certificates or Disability Access Certificates in Ireland

Fire Safety Certificates / Disability Access Certificates